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Since its establishment in 2012 Windelligence works on the development of various smaller and larger wind farms in Finland. We aim for site selection in areas which are scarcely populated, sufficient grid capacity is available and last but not least ‘where the wind blows strongly enough to ensure our projects are attractive for investors’.


“Renewable energy is the most affordable energy source and most effective way to make a positive impact on the environment.
It generates wellbeing and balances economies all around the world ”

Investment in renewable energy go hand in hand with chances for growth of the local  economy, after all investment in renewable energy is the best way to ensure low cost electricity.

Renewable energy contributes to a more sustainable planet, strengthens the economy and is a next step towards a more civilized world. After more than a century of industrialization build on unlimited amounts of green house gas emission without an eye on the next generation, our vision is becoming a ‘project which is under construction’. While numerous people and especially politicians express to be concerned about the costs involved in the energy transition, we are confident that further delaying the energy transition can only lead to extensive economic uncertainty and finally a faltering economy. Windelligence uses latest turbine technology in every project. This ensures the lowest electicity costs for our clients.


produces evinronmentally friendly electicity to reduce and tone down climate change. We build wind power on windy, yet environmentally reasonable places. We are currently developing several wind farms all around the country. To date Windelligence has completed the development of more than 250 megawatt of wind power in Finland.

About us

Windelligence is a lean organization which manages the development of its wind farms, specialistic work such as environmental impact assessments, zoning plan documentation, and wind resource measurement is outsourced to reputable and experienced specialists in the wind sector.

Our team:

Jaakko Leppinen
Senior developer, owner & founder

Responsible for the daily activities related to the technical part of the development.

LinkedIn profile : Jaakko
Email : jaakko.leppinen(at)
Phone: +358 40 1881 297 

Ard de Poot
Commercial manager & owner

Responsible for the wind turbine supplier selection and investor relations

LinkedIn profile : Ard
Email :  
Phone: +31 6 1504 6325 

Anne-Mari Leppinen
Business Development Manager

Responsible for marketing and financial administration as well as development of new businesses

LinkedIn profile : Anne-Mari 
Email : aml(at)
Phone:  +358 40 9383 653 

Teknologiapuisto 1
FI61800 Kauhajoki
VAT: FI25497172

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