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Pure Energy.

Read more about our company and what we have to offer to investors.

What do we do?

Already in an early development stage Windelligence anticipates expected wind turbine
technology evolution, ensuring the Lowest Costs of Electricity (LCoE) for our clients.


Megawatts of wind power

So far Windelligence has developed several projects in Satakunta and Pohjanmaa. Project sizes vary from a single wind turbine to a wind farm of 30 wind turbines.



Our goal is to produce environmental friendly energy,
preventing climate change. We aim to realize wind power
in windy and sparsely populated areas, striving to
minimalize the impact on the environment.

"Renewable energy supports a more sustainable world, strenghtens local economy and is a next step towards a more civilized world."

Investment in renewable energy go hand in hand with changes for growth of the local economy, after all investment in renewable energy is the best wat to ensure low cost electricity.

We at Windelligence wish to contribute to a better future, economically and environmentally. 

Why Should You Choose Wind Power?

Wind power is fast to deploy and a wise choise for many other reasons:



WInd power is pure. It does not create emissions on air, land or water and does not use sweet water reserves. Wind power is domestic form a local energy source, increasing independence.


Low costs

Wind power is a low cost energy source, with predictable and low operational costs. It provides investment opportunities and promotes chances for additional business, while providing tax income and good publicity to towns and cities.



Wind power support local enterprises, private
consumers, towns and cities to control their electricity bill. A modern wind turbine compensates the energy consumed for its own production process within 3 up to 5 months, depending on its location.

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